HSV GTS vs FPV Falcon GT-F

Posted on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 - 16:43

The Ford vs Holden rivalry is one that bitterly divides petrolheads, mates and even families. In the eternal struggle for dominance, which car reigns supreme?

What you'll find in the Holden

The Holden Special Vehicle GTS is Holden's flagship muscle car, and it’s packed with the most muscle to date: the highlight being its staggeringly awesome 6.2L V8 engine. Designers and engineers worked like mad to make it fit and run, too. Outside feature the masculine angles and the HSV specific tail lights we've all come to know from HSV, plus a spoiler kit and black wing-shaped mirrors. Inside the car are instruments befitting the sports stature of the GTS. It's also got some gadgets James Bond would love to use: a heads up display in the dash, self-parking system, a blind spot warning system and doors that automatically unlock when you reach for the handle.

What you'll find in the Ford

Ford has announced that the GT F will be the last of the GT line, so this one will have some impressive provenance in the years ahead. Outside it's got Ford's iconic racing stripes, black detailing on the wheels, door handles and spoiler. Hopping in, it's been covered in their "GT Orange" colour, all woven into the stitching, cluster and the plaque indicating which number rolled off the assembly line. The engine isn't a hulk like the GTS, although a supercharged six-speed 5.8L V8 is nothing to sneeze at.

What to expect from the Holden

The Holden trounces the Ford in terms of sheer grunt, kicking out a whopping 470kW with a torque of 740Nm. That takes you from 0km/h to 100 in a 4.2 seconds! Drivers can select from different modes such as sports mode, which also alters the stability and traction control, suspension and steering. It's less agile than its smaller brethren, but there's no slipping off the road in this bad boy. Even so, it handles relatively well around corners and up hills.

What to expect from the Ford

The Ford's robust supercharged V8 now outputs 351kW, with a 570Nm of torque pushing things along nicely in the middle-gear range. The clutch's biting point doesn't feel too firm and the gearbox isn't as fluid as one would expect, though all bets are off for the automatic variant, which is the real workhorse. The one annoying gripe with the Ford is that it uses an awkward start-up, forcing you to turn your key with your right hand before pushing the start button in the centre stack. Keyless starts are becoming more common, yet this is Ford’s muscle car legacy? Strange.


Though the GT-F will hold a lasting nostalgic value, with more muscle for less hassle, the GTS is hands down the alpha muscle car.

Ford Falcon GT-F

Engine: 5.0-litre supercharged V8 putting out 351kW at 6000rpm

Fuel economy: 13.7L/100km

0-100km/h: 5.1 seconds (manual)


Engine: 6.2-litre supercharged V8 putting out 430kw at 5900rpm

Power: 430kW at 5900rpm

Transmission: 6-speed manual or 6-speed auto

Fuel economy: 14.8L/100km (manual), 13.9L/100km (auto)

0-100km/h: 4.2 seconds (auto)

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