About Us

BadCreditCarLoans.com.au is a non-conforming specialist broker assisting customers to get approvals through their panel of second tier lenders.

A bad credit car loan application is always more complex than a straight forward clean credit car loan. Due to this complexity dealing with a specialist in this field is a must! We understand the process of approval better than anyone and know how to put forward an application in the best possible way to provide the best chance of approval.

At BadCreditCarLoans.com.au we pride ourselves on delivering results and helping you fix up your credit file. You can expect nothing but the best professional help to ensure that your bad credit does not hamper your chances of getting the car that you want. Most of the customers get immense benefits from the years of experience we have in this industry.

We can provide bad credit car loans solutions for ex-bankrupts, discharged part 9 debt agreements, paid and unpaid defaults, court judgements and much more. Whatever the situation, please call to discuss and we will be happy to assist where possible. Get rid of the problems related to the paperwork and get hassle free access to your car loan irrespective of your current credit rating.

We hold an Australian Credit Licence (414426), are a member of the FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia) & COSL (Credit Ombudsman Service)

If you are looking for bad credit recreational finance, please visit our bad credit caravan loans website.