How can your busy credit history affect your car loan application?

Posted on Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 15:43

When applying for a car loan, your credit history will be thoroughly investigated. Your credit history has to indicate that you are a reliable borrower, who is most likely to repay the loan. Factors which carry a lot of weight in obtaining a car loan are: your income, your assets, your bill payment record, whether you’re paying a mortgage, or you’re living in a rented place.  

Can applying for multiple loans affect your car loan application?

The fact is that every finance application is noted in your credit record. Among common mistakes many borrowers end up making is sending a large number of applications to a wide range of lenders, in quite a short amount of time. The fact is that this can present an imminent negative impact on your credit reliability. Keep in mind that busy credit history equals risky borrowers.

A larger interest rate

If you wish to apply for a car loan, and your credit history is busy, the odds are you will be offered a larger interest rate. In such a situation, the recommended thing to take into account is considering the assistance of a specialised financier. This way, you will receive proper expertise information and you won’t have to send in multiple applications, which will diminish your credibility.

Every finance application remains in your credit history

Something you should keep in mind for future reference is to avoid sending multiple finance applications. You may not realise it at the moment, but it will detriment your loan application without any doubts. As a matter of fact, both lenders and banks frown upon busy credit histories.

Improve your credit scores

Most people assume that a positive idea to increasing their credit scores is closing old lines. This assumption is entirely wrong. On the other hand, you may consider doing something else. For instance, if your available credit on a distinct line is high, you may increase your credit worthiness by only using 20 percent of it. This can have a positive impact on your credit scores.

Another way in which you can improve your credit scores is to always make your payments on time. Monthly payments are the real indicators when it comes to credit scores. Lenders will consider this aspect very important in deciding whether to accept your car loan application or not.

Time is the solution

The fact is that you can mend your credit credibility over time. You have to be patient and wait until your credit scores are enhanced, thus growing your credibility before proceeding with sending in your car loan application. Don’t apply for a loan unless your credit score has significantly improved

A busy credit history equals low credit scores. This is why you should not apply for a car loan before you’re certain that your credit score has significantly improved. Numerous applications will only harm your credit worthiness. Also, a positive idea might be considering keeping count of your applications by requesting a credit report. This way, you will be able to track down your credit activity and make the necessary adjustments.

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