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Buying your first car? Learn about the expenses

New car sales in Australia have gone up by 2 percent. This proves one thing: the need for vehicles. In this context, everyone agrees on this: buying a car is a considerable investment. Although it is exciting to picture yourself driving a new and polished car, it’s best if you don’t get ahead of yourself. Taking into consideration only the cost of the vehicle isn’t enough. You should consider the extra expenses as well.

PPSR explained

By checking the PPSR before going for a deal, you avoid the dangers of security interest. According to the source posted above, a security interest is a type of contract signed between the parties to assure some sort of obligation or performance of an obligation.

7 factors that determine your car loan interest rate

With all the paperwork and bureaucratic process that you have to go through, buying a car can feel like an arduous prospect. Besides the price tag, after purchasing said car, there are various other stressful decisions that you have to make that, if not done in a responsible, proper fashion, can affect your financial well-being in the long term. One of them is taking loans on cars.


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