Bad Credit Car Loans Adelaide – Second Chance Finance for Adelaide and South Australia

Afraid that banks or lenders will close the door on your next car? If you have bad credit and need a car loan, don’t despair. Bad Credit Car Loans are the specialists for Adelaide and South Australia residents looking for a second chance at car finance.

We know that finding a decent deal on car finance with bad credit is a point of frustration. That’s where the team of financial professionals at Bad Credit Car Loans can help.

We’ve helped people from Sturt to Glenelg and Unley to Gawler find the best, fairest and most flexible deals on bad credit car finance. Accessing Adelaide and Australia’s most reputable bad credit finance institutions, we scour the market for the fairest go for all our customers.

Where banks give up, we offer a hand-up

well known that bad credit car loans do end up having higher interest rates than regular car loans. The financial professionals at Bad Credit Car Loans access a wide range of second tier lenders, ensuring you can get behind the wheel of a car without the fuss. We stake our reputation on finding the best loans for our customers. It's true: if Bad Credit Car Loans can not do it, no one can.

Unlike other lenders and banks in South Australia, we offer same day approvals, personalised customer service and (for approved applicants) 100% finance.

Get a quote – FREE!

Fed up by disappointment? Pick up your phone and call 1300 974 066 to make a free, no-obligation enquiry. Can’t wait? Get a quick quote online, your first step towards the best car loans at the best rates - irrespective of your credit rating!

Lightning Fast Approvals

Get approval for your bad credit car loan within the same day.

Ex-Bankrupts and Ex-Part IX Debt Agreement?

We say yes! Our team has helped many discharged ex-Bankrupts and ex-Part IX Debt Agreement holders find car finance. Waiting periods and conditions apply.

100% Finance

No money down secured car loan options for approved applicants.

Australia’s best lenders

We access Australia’s top lenders to secure the best deal in car finance available. We find the lowest rates on the market.

Loans that suit you

Our team of financial professionals help you find the best deal that suits your financial situation. We’re licenced, transparent and follow all responsible lending practices.

Compare and save

Use our online calculator to compare and be surprised how much you can save. We shop around for the lowest interest rates and most flexible terms.