Bad Credit Car Loans Perth

It doesn’t matter if you’re from Ascot or Yokine, people everywhere are timid about looking for car finance due to bad credit in their past. They might fear rejection from their bank or preferred lender. They might’ve run into financial trouble and their credit history still tells the story of misdeeds from long ago. Credit histories often run back seven years – and a lot changes in seven years. That’s why Bad Credit Car Loans helps people from Perth, Mandurah, Broome, and Fremantle as well as everywhere in between get a fair go at car loans.

We’ve helped dozens of Perth people find finance for a new car. We find fair deals on bad credit car loans and it doesn’t matter if you have:

  • No deposit
  • A poor credit history
  • Been discharged from a bankruptcy or Part IX debt agreement (after 12 months + good financial standing)

Bad Credit Car Loans specialise in combing through the extensive bad credit car loan market for a great deal. How do we achieve our astonishing 9 out of 10 approval rate? Our financial professionals look for loan products offered by over 25 of Australia’s top banks and bad credit car financiers. Where other brokers say “no,” we dig in for the best results!

Remember, bad credit car loans might have much higher interest rates than your average car loan. These could range as high as 30%p.a. Don’t let that put you off – paying off a bad credit car loan on time and in full actually helps to improve your credit rating in the long term. After a year or two, lenders will see your hard work and place you in a “correctible credit” category. This means lower interest rates may be available to you. Talk to one of our financial professionals about refinancing your bad credit car loans! We’re always standing by to help you with whatever questions you have about bad credit car finance and what you can expect. That’s part of Bad Credit Car Loans commitment to exemplary customer service.

We use the latest in technology so you can get a quote or a calculation FAST. Best of all, it’s free! Use our online quote system to see how we can compare and save. Call us on 1300 974 066 so we can tailor a solution that suits your budget and circumstances. If you’re in Perth or Western Australia, Bad Credit Car Loans can help you get behind the wheel faster and cheaper!